Your Intentions

Dont help people just to have the upperhand or make people feel less than do it out of the purely out of the goodness of your heart.

When you do it other than you may be up at this point in your life but you will cut off your own blessings and karma will always come back to you helping with the wrong intentions.

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Sunday Evening Thoughts

Don’t wait on approval. Stay with your plan and keep your persistence to go the distance. Too many of us slow up to look back, or look to our sides to see who is following or supporting. Stop trying to convince everyone to believe in you and your ideas.

Be smart ad intelligent to always make the work done and push forward to make a difference in any circumstances either positive or negative. 

Believe In Yourself.

Your clear vision maybe blurry to someone else because it wasn’t meant for them. Just make sure you are always clear on your vision. Stay focused

Have an awesome week!

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Forgive and Release 

Bottling  up your mistakes and past failures will have you to explode and crash into pieces. Not forgiving yourself will destroy you from the inside! It is like keeping acid in a plastic bottle. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Love yourself because you deserve to be loved. You are not the only one to ever make a mistake. We all do. Listen, you can and will get through your stormy seasons in life. You will come out stronger and wiser to go for what is yours in the universe.

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Sunday Afternoon Thoughts

Sometimes we have a tendacy to blame others when sometimes we need to look inward about certain things. You give your power away if you resort to blaming 24/7.

Allow your energy to focus on your unique talents and abilities. Don’t find an excuse to give up on your goal. Find a strong reason to keep going. Yes it’s tough and rough, even unfair at times! Don’t let what you have done so far be in vain, finish it and get your goal done.

“Every unquestioned, untested belief in your mind is result of someone’s conditioning you. Resolve to think for yourself.”

Start thinking and working in a new direction, in a positive way and you will be amazed at what you can really do! You can do it. Stop the blame game and BELIEVE in yourself.

AffirmationI am perfectly imperfect. I strive for better while loving all that I am today. In loving myself today, I am better equipped to improve myself tomorrow.

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This Week Ahead 

Challenge the status quo. 

Continuously push the boundaries! Growth and success don’t take place in our comfort zone. We only grow outside of our comfort zone. Because outside of our comfort zone, we begin to develop new perspectives and ideas, and create new possibilities! Don’t let fear of the unknown hold you back. This one step you are contemplating on taking may be the one thing that will change your life forever! You can do it. 

Affirmation: I choose to embrace my strength within and handle my challenges with ease. 

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This Week Ahead

Your thoughts and beliefs compel you to take action. They shape your behaviors because they cause emotions.

Emotions are energy that move you to take action or stop you in your tracks, accordingly.

This week’s affirmations for myself:

I am willing to think thoughts that enrich my life and relationships.

I love and accept every aspect of myself and my life just as I am.

I consciously choose what is good for my mind, body and spirit.

I will consistently act to cultivate healthy, mutually enriching relationships with those I love.

I have the power and wisdom and strength to handle all situations in my life.

I allow and welcome change, new understanding and growth when I face challenges.

I will let go of blame and speak my truth authentically — without judging my self or others.

I am focused on what is good, wonderful in my life.

I seek to honestly assess areas of needed growth, and rise above problems by framing them as solutions.

I allow myself to feel boundless joy now.