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Forgive and Release 

Bottling  up your mistakes and past failures will have you to explode and crash into pieces. Not forgiving yourself will destroy you from the inside! It is like keeping acid in a plastic bottle. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Love yourself because you deserve to be loved. You are not the only one to ever make a mistake. We all do. Listen, you can and will get through your stormy seasons in life. You will come out stronger and wiser to go for what is yours in the universe.

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This Week Ahead

Your thoughts and beliefs compel you to take action. They shape your behaviors because they cause emotions.

Emotions are energy that move you to take action or stop you in your tracks, accordingly.

This week’s affirmations for myself:

I am willing to think thoughts that enrich my life and relationships.

I love and accept every aspect of myself and my life just as I am.

I consciously choose what is good for my mind, body and spirit.

I will consistently act to cultivate healthy, mutually enriching relationships with those I love.

I have the power and wisdom and strength to handle all situations in my life.

I allow and welcome change, new understanding and growth when I face challenges.

I will let go of blame and speak my truth authentically — without judging my self or others.

I am focused on what is good, wonderful in my life.

I seek to honestly assess areas of needed growth, and rise above problems by framing them as solutions.

I allow myself to feel boundless joy now.

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Mood: Whatever


The image above is an example of my mood all week. I was just not feeling this week at all.

Things have gotten in the way of  my self care, for some reason everyone wanted to try Char this week with useless opinions. I have not felt like  blogging words of encouragement this week  because this week I needed it. Too busy caring for other peoples issues I let me self care dwindle. Past few days I have just pretty much been lazy and letting people fall on their on swords without me giving a care because you cant keep helping people who don’t want to be helped it will drain your soul. I have been binge watching some of my old favorite shows shows just doing nothing my biggest supporter has just fed me and watched shows with me when he came  in from work and it felt nice to shut the world out. With an occasional glance I twitter which I love I would quickly get on and jump back off. My text messages were not answered if it was not him or mom everyone else could figure things out on their own.

It is time be honest with ourselves, everyone gets tired and want to be left alone mood every now and then, and this week I was level 20 of leave me the hell alone. But now I think I am coming out of my mood and ready to rejoin the world I guess Lol.

This week I have made several new recipes and enjoyed the The Wire, Sopranos, Sex & The City, Different World.

So do whatever you need to do to relax your way and let everyone else and everything fall on deaf ears until you are ready to do, there is no harm in doing so.


Hugs & Love







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Losses And Mistakes: My Own Tea Of Life

Honestly everyone has tea about their own life and I for one have plenty which I don’t mind sharing if it helps someone. I will begin to share a little at a time on my blog.

I have had my share of mistakes in my life no matter the plan to end all of my mistakes when I was younger so that when I got older life would be an easy breeze um NOT. I made my mistakes in love and money and with my kids, being a parent is not a perfect job. I would be so hard on myself until I got the message my older family members would tell me nobody is the perfect parent, still going to make mistakes just have to pray on and do better the next time because you had a lesson to learn from previously. Now as far as love who hasn’t made mistakes, been a fool for that one man who was just not for me. But again life’s bumps & bruises stayed with me as I got older.I have had family hurts more than enough to last me a lifetime to learn that you can love from a distance even if it is family but let’s be real many family relationships are toxic and you have to remove yourself to heal.

Now at first it was not easy in letting people and things go. I was the one who always wanted my parents approval and sometimes I felt I never did get but I had to heal and let that go to move on in life, I had to approve of myself which what ultimately matters. I had to let go of not always being cool with family members and friends as well. Sometimes people just grow in different directions and I learned to be OK with that.

I learned that it was a good feeling to let go felt like a gigantic weight was lifted…letting go of hurt, letting go of anger, letting go of betrayal, letting go of all the things and individuals that have formerly been a hinderence & stumbling block to me getting to that next level that I am destined for…it has not always been easy removing myself from what is comfortable & familiar but it sure has released the opportunity for doors to open…I’m grateful for all my ups & downs which has made me the woman I am and love. Grateful for everyone that turned their backs on me at my lowest and everyone that is now a part of my life…all contributed to this strong determined & phenomenal woman that I am and more to come!


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Being Unsupportive

This week I had a minor breakdown about someone whom I felt has not supported me and what I enjoy doing. I have always been that friend who will be your number one cheerleader for whatever accomplishment people may do, you can bake cookies for the first time because I am friend and totally support you, I will damn near take an ad out online promoting their endeavors on just how great that cookie might have been but hey that is the way I have always been, that is why it really took a toll on me this week when I tried to reach out because I needed just a sista’s talk about things I have been working on behind the scenes. I begin to think about the many times I have encouraged people to put their story on paper and get those coins, and other various ways to promote them but I can never get the same response. Finally it took a stranger to speak things about me they had not a clue about my life.

Do you really want to pull back on following your dream or doing what you want because of others, and start living a life that probably doesn’t fulfill your potential?

Some often tend to face resistance from others when he/she pursues goals worth pursuing. This is especially so if you are surrounded by people who tend to be more fear-based. Some people who tend to seek affirmation about everything they do, people who don’t think much about what they want to do in life, people who are quick to dismiss than accept changes, etc.

I am learning to be  more appreciative of those who genuinely offer to help, give ideas to better my progress and the handful of gems I have encountered have been awesome. These are the people whom I knew I could rely on for any further help or assistance in the future, and also people whom I’d go out of my way to help them in the future. Not that I wouldn’t help the people who didn’t help or support me, just that I would make even more of an effort to help these people first.

Realizing sometimes, when we pursue things that really matter to us, or things which are brand new to us, we may feel more sensitive and vulnerablethan usual, since we’re in an unknown area, which causes us to seek more validation and support from the others around us than we usually do. We become more reliant on our existing relationships to provide that. I’m learning (still) that I have to get this out of my mind that because I supported people that they will go the extra mile the same as I have for them.

Im learning when it’s time to part ways…

Lately I have been networking on/off line and finding more ladies who are on the same vibe as myself, trying to go up and not stay in the same place and that is a really good feeling!!

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Thursday Motivation 

Listen, some people have made it their mission to kill your dreams. So make it your mission to abort their  mission and accomplish your dreams. Believe it or not, not everybody will like you or your dream. You think you can get everybody to agree with you and share in your vision? Well, think again! It is not going to happen. 

Look, there are people who can neither think for themselves nor understand the thinking of others. We have ‘doubting Jone’z’ amongst us. So, don’t waste time trying to convince them, spend your time working on your dream to make it to become a reality. When they see it, they will believe it.